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Johnny Herbert

Johnny Herbert Johnny Herbert Johnny Herbert Johnny Herbert Johnny Herbert

Widely recognised as one of the best British racing drivers, Johnny Herbert is among an exclusive club of UK racers to have enjoyed a successful career in Formula 1.

Johnny began his racing career in 1974, racing karts when he was just 10 years old. His talent was immediately obvious and by 1978, he was the British Junior Karting Champion. After progressing through the ranks, he moved into Formula 3 racing. Following on from a successful debut, Johnny’s speed and skill began attracting attention which lead to Eddie Jordan quickly snapping him up for the 1987 season. That year he won the British Formula 3 title and the world of Formula 1 beckoned.

Following a successful Formula 1 career which included Grand Prix wins at Monza, Silverstone and the Nurburgring, Johnny has become a regular contributor on SkySports F1 alongside friend of The Green Room Natalie Pinkham.

Statistics icon Key statistics

  • F1 Career 1989 - 2000
  • 160 Races
  • 3 Grand Prix Wins
  • Best Championship Position: 4th
  • Found in The Green Room at Silverstone