Whether it's Ladies Day or Derby Day, the essence of Epsom Derby fashion revolves around timeless sophistication

As the seasons shift and with Epsom Derby just around the corner, this occasion not only celebrates the prowess of equine athletes but also serves as a runway for unparalleled elegance and chic style. Within this esteemed event, both Ladies Day and Derby Day offer an opportunity to showcase the epitome of British style and sophistication. Here’s your comprehensive fashion guide to navigating the elegance of both days at the Epsom Derby.

     The Derby Ladies Day   


Similar to Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National, the Epsom Derby has no official dress code in the Grandstand enclosure and they encourage racegoers to come wearing what they feel best in. However, guests will be refused entry if they’re in fancy dress or sports clothes. The Queen Elizabeth II Stand Enclosure, on the other hand, does enforce a strict dress code. Men are required to wear either black or grey morning dress, while women must wear a formal day dress or a tailored trouser suit.

Whether it’s Ladies Day or Derby Day, the essence of Epsom Derby fashion revolves around timeless sophistication. Embrace classic silhouettes and refined tailoring that exudes grace and elegance. From tailored dresses to chic trouser suits, opt for pieces that reflect the timeless allure of British fashion heritage. We believe that embracing vibrant colors is essential, especially as the sunshine graces us once more. Shades of yellow, orange, and purple are excellent options for making a bold statement and standing out amidst the crowd.

House of Cavani recommend trying something new and breaking the conventional rules by going for a lighter coloured suit which can be accessorised easily with a white shirt and dark tie for contrast.


Elevate your ensemble with statement headwear that captures the essence of the occasion. Whether it’s a flamboyant hat adorned with feathers or a sleek fascinator with sculptural accents, let your headpiece be the crowning glory of your outfit. Embrace creativity while ensuring your choice complements your attire seamlessly. If you’re spending Derby Day in The Queen Elizabeth II Stand Enclosure a top hat is required for men and it’s essential for ladies to wear a hat or fascinator.


Pay attention to the details by accessorising thoughtfully. Elegant jewellery will add a touch of sparkle or colour without overwhelming your look. A structured handbag which compliments your outfit is a great accessory to along with a pair of sophisticated heels to complete the look. It’s key to wear comfortable shoes for a day at the races so when deciding on some heels, ensure you’ve tried them beforehand to confirm they provide both style and comfort for a day spent on your feet. Go for heels with adequate support and cushioning to ensure you can walk confidently from the paddock to the winner’s circle. And remember, a confident stride is the best accessory to complement any outfit at the Epsom Derby.

While tradition reigns supreme at the Epsom Derby, there’s room for modern interpretations of classic styles. Experiment with unexpected colour palettes, bold prints, or contemporary cuts to infuse your outfit with a fresh, fashion-forward edge. Strike the perfect balance between honouring tradition and expressing your individual style.

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